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Elderly intelligent cane: professional design for the elderly, simple operation, powerful.

Its main function:

built-in GSM + GPS, the world's precise positioning, a key help; when the elderly can not find the direction, you can use the positioning function, so that the elderly trip to find the destination;

FM radio entertainment features, leisure and entertainment, convenient intimate, rich old people's entertainment life.

fall alarm function: the use of the process, when the accidental fall, will issue sound and light alarm, and through the background to send information to the binding of the phone, even if not around also do not have to worry about, so that the family can timely the situation of the elderly ;

weather forecast function: anytime, anywhere to understand the weather information;

flashlight lighting function: bright and convenient, night travel more secure;

regular reminder function: to remind the day to be done, the elderly a small assistant;

low battery reminder function: intimate design, easy to use, to avoid the use of sudden power failure occurred.

Design ideas:

Through the elderly hand grip the habit and characteristics of the palm of the hand to fit the curved surface design, not only to hold the firm, but also need to hold the comfortable, slightly larger front size, can walk

When the better leveraging, the middle of the concave shape, can be used in different ways, are fully fit the palm of your hand, back "pit" design, so that your fingers more comfortable. Side of the three operating buttons and flashlight switch, when holding the cane, the thumb can also be easy to operate, hidden horn hole, neither damage the appearance, but also do better waterproof.

Environmental protection: The product is environmentally friendly plastic shell, recyclable secondary use; built-in rechargeable lithium battery, to avoid energy pollution caused by dry batteries. The stick part of the cane can be quickly disassembled so that even if the strut is partially damaged, no need to buy the whole cane again, simply replace the brace and reduce a significant portion of the cost.