Products in the human-computer interaction and storage methods for a new design, funny smile camera button combination of new body-like vibration feedback, bringing the user a new self-timer experience. Product effect to achieve the level of similar international brands, through structural optimization, the use of standard parts designed to greatly reduce the cost of products and improve the product price. In the same grade within the product has a strong price advantage. Product appearance of small, easy to carry, with a long battery life, allowing users to use a long time to take pictures. Products using repairable design, assembly methods, on the one hand to improve the product life, on the other hand to save resources and avoid waste. Surface treatment, to ensure the effectiveness of the premise to avoid the use of environmentally friendly plating, painting and other processes. The use of profiles and injection molding process, the use of mature technology. The product minimizes the cost while ensuring performance. Seamless design language, the overall shape smooth and rounded with affinity, positive button area prominent layering, fashion simple.