PAOPAO Portable travel tea set


This egg is a bigot which contains great wisdom in such a tiny body. It's simple and easy to be carried out. You can drink the tea wherever and whenever you like. It's so convenient that it facilitates the process of tea -drinking.What's more, it's closed to people's habits and customs in daily life. In this way, people can enjoy a kind of simple life in such fast-paced cities.

The inspiration of the tea set originates from the eggs in our life which can give birth to lives. It's clean and round and there's no any other redundant lines. Thus the users will attach more attention to the tea set and tea-drinking. A pot of tea can be divided into two cups and every user can take command of it easily. Every kind of tea can be put in such a covered tea pot. And the body of the tea pot is lower than the lid. There is no need to worry about that the tea water spill over to scald someone. The silica gel holder in the center separates the pot from the cup. It can not only protect people from scalding but also act as the holder .Besides, the silicone case outside the tea pot can protect the tea set from breaking. It's so easy to carry out that it's the best companion in our daily travel.