The Lantingji Xu written by Wang Xizhi is not only a calligraphy treasures but also a a literary masterpiece. Although one thousand years have passed,the authentic work disappeared with Taizong of the Tang Dynasty, the facsimile is still widespread at home and abroad.This product design is deeply inspired and influenced by the artistic conception,drinking the floating cup on the winding brook that the rushing water surrounds both the left and right,which extract from Lantingji Xu,and the waterway between the water tank and the ultrasonic generator is independent and specially external, and the water tank and generator are designed to form the morphology of mellow and smooth to match the serpentine water channel.

A raised peak is designed between the two tanks,besides,we design mounting seat on its rear.we also design some related accessories,including flower arrangement seat, fragrant socket, etc,which can be assembled according to the necessity.Different parts with different details and dynamic flow, as well as incense incense, faint scent,creating a unique scene ,one wine cup floating on the river and mist wreathed the mountains, give consumers the different senses.